Read a Book Foundation Assists in Youth and Skills Training in Upper East – Zorkor.

Read a Book Foundation Assists in Youth and Skills Training in Upper East-Zorkor

The people of Upper East region are blessed with many skills and talents. Farming amongst others is the major source of income for the people. However, due to the poor rainfall in the Northern part of the country, natives have resorted to other means of making a living by exploring their creative art abilities such as beads making, basket weaving, pottery , leather works and others.

Read a book foundation embarked on a Youth and Skills Development training in the Upper East region specifically in Zorkor. The foundation provided materials like straws, sewing kits, colour dyes which are necessary for the training to help them transform their raw products into finished goods. They equally received some amount of money for their services as some of them were sold to the general markets and through exhibitions.
From the materials provided, the artisans of Zorkor made beautiful and colourful baskets, hand bags, hats, footwear and other products.

The C.E.O of Read a Book Foundation, Mr. Michael Borisah Saaka indicated that this would go a long way to improving the local craft industry in the country and help reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of the people. The people who are mainly involved in the art work are the young women and children of the community.

Read a Book Foundation apart from having its main objective of improving education by the means of providing educational materials such as books and other stationery as well as providing voluntary teaching services and other assistance to deprived schools, the foundation also has the goal of giving assistance to the youth with indigenous entrepreneurial ideas such as basketry, pottery, beads making and
shea butter production with the help of Auxano forever an ngo which is into the training of women in agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Most of the youth in the country have great and creative entrepreneurial ideas which when hatched into the final products and are patronized by Ghanaians, would largely reduce the unemployment level in the country. Mr. Borisah Saaka added that, patronizing our locally made products would contribute to the development of the country.

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