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WHY IS SHOWBOWY RELEVANT? – Abolga Punchline King writes!

Abolga Punchline King is a showbiz analyst using ghost account on Facebook with the name “Abolga Punchline King” and this is what he has to say about Showbowy and how he has managed to stay relevant in the music industry of Upper East region.

(This is entirely from my personal observation)

Showbwoy is one of the artistes in the Upper East, specifically in Bolga who has a big name. He’s one artiste who has faced a lot of criticisms in relation to his talent. Yes, there are many who feel he is not talented enough in what he does, but what I have always wanted to ask those people is “Why is he still relevant?” Doesn’t it tell you there’s something unique about him? If a lady complains that a man has a small dick, but she still goes back to him for some humping or sex, doesn’t it tell you there’s still something else the man has to offer with that small dick?

Though I’m not an expert in the show business, Showbwoy represents something valuable in the business. He has something that most of the artistes you think are more talented do not have, and which I think they should emulate.

Do I need to tell you the kind of euphoria he brings to event grounds with his style of entry? Though he sometimes exaggerates it and wastes time, but it’s something we need at event grounds? I’m one person who has a problem with artistes who go to programs in fleet of cars but do not even own a bicycle tyre in reality. However, this has helped Showbwoy and I might have to change my rational some day. If your dick is small, learn how to romance at least.

Also, don’t you see how he appears at parties or public places on special days? This guy would always arrive like a “Showboy” usually with a flamboyant and suave appearance. When you see him that way, don’t you have some respect for him?

Contrary to the immediate point above, he metamorphoses into a different personality, completely being down to earth when he is at Kotokoli Zongo, his area. How he identifies with his fans after the shows is so godly and commendable. It’s usually hard to tell if he is the same person seen on stage at some point. He has trained his fans very well and they know how to behave at what time. If you have trouble getting pussy, but have one benevolent lady who is willing to give it to you when you need it, you should respect her so much.

Apart from branding, he has identified his flaw in delivery and is working tirelessly to make up for the deficiency. Wouldn’t you agree with me that the Showbwoy we saw in 2018 backwards is different from the one we are seeing now? Have you not seen some dance moves of late on stage? If your dick is too small for the cunt, at least you should know how to use your tongue.

I don’t think talent alone is enough to make an artiste relevant. Showbwoy is a hard worker and he is improving and I believe with time, he will fill the lapses that some of us are identifying. This is showbiz and each….. Make I go high then come back continue.”

Roy Lambert
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