Kiwano Ends BetterdaysRadioTour Today at YemRadio


♦Ace HipHop Artist and BetterdaysAhead preacher Kiwano

After a successful tour in the upper east region closes the door to his tour bus and says good bye to the upper east region.

With electrifying performances all over the region such as the Jogobu konnect in Navrongo, Jocom Hotel Bolgatanga ,
Royal Hotel Bolgatanga,
and the Happy Man Bitters Ojam fiesta
which was just yesterday Valentine’s day

The King wraps it up with his (DailyBread) music video shoot around the region.

Kiwano will say goodbye to Upper East Region as he goes live on Yemradio Bolgatanga today.

He sets Sail For BetterdaysradioTour Upper West Region.

Kiwano says a big thank you to all that made his RadioTour a success and special thanks to Roy Lambert of DownTownRecords.

We wish him well…….
#BetterdaysAhead #ItsBorisahMusic